5 Killer ways to choose article title for blog post

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Short Description: A title is the heart to an article.In this article we are sharing How to choose article title for your blog post

Choosing the title for blog posts and web pages is an important undertaking, which should not be taken lightly. The title is the main part of any article posted on the internet. The title of the article is the part that is picked by search engines and displayed among search results. There are two basic concepts that you ought to understand before you choose article title.

Firstly, the content of the website or blog is very important and it is thus advised that much time be spent developing content. Following the completion of this task, the owner of the website or blog must then find ways of making his website or blog stand out in the internet. It is important to note that the internet is so big and it is flooded with content similar as yours. With this realization in mind, you can then go forward and find ways of making your content stand out.

Questions asked before choose article title for blog post

It is very important that you ask yourself a number of questions, which will help you, come up with a blog or website that is not only outstanding but also optimized for SEO. The questions include the following:

  1. What is the best topic for my post?
  2. Is my post targeting to solve a problem or give answer to questions?
  3. What is my competition writing on the same topic?
  4. How best can I differentiate my content?

For the purpose of this article, we will restrict the discussion around the first question: How to choose article title for your post.

Importance of Choosing best article title for blog posts

The article title is important because of the following reasons

  1. A great title will captivate more readers and capture the attention of the social media.
  2. A well-thought-out title is crucial for SEO purposes.
  3. A good title helps the search engine and readers understand what the post contains.

Search engine optimization of the post title is very important. The article title must contain keywords that will allow the search engine pick it during searches by the search engines. The Google keyword tool can be used to decide the best keywords to be used.

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