Awesome Tools to check your internet speed online Free

If you feel your internet speed is slower than what you promised by your operator, then check your internet speed and ensure your internet speed is as they promised to you. To check your internet there is no need of downloading software or freeware. You can check your internet speed in online and for free. In this article am sharing the best internet speed test website to check your internet speed.

How to check your internet speed

Open the above mentioned sites and click Test speed or check your internet speed button. That website will analyze your internet speed and it will give the report for you.

check your internet speed

check your internet speed


Bandwidthplace is good tool to check your internet and it will give the ip address of your computer. This website analyzes your internet, inform you the download and upload speed of your internet.


Speedtest.Net is an effective tool to check your internet speed with your ISP provider details with ip address.  It will select best ping to check your internet automatically, and provide download, upload speed result.

Mcafee Speed Test

Mcafee Speedometer will analyze your internet speed by download a sample file. It calculates how much time taken to download that file, from that it will display your internet speed. But my feel is Speedometer is not giving an exact result.


In you can choose your server and the servers are available from USA. It will give the result of Download, Upload speed, packet loss, latency and Jitter.

Dslreports.Com is another effective online tool to check internet speed. You can do various speed tests like Flash download/upload speed test, Java download/upload speed test, Mobile browser Speed and much more. But reports are not accurate. Why I am telling this is, am getting download speed as 64747 Kb/s But I never get that much speed. – Tool

iBeast is a very simple and light weight tool. iBeast’s Speed calculator gives accurate results of your download and upload speed  by downloading a sample file

These above tools have been verified by us on various times. Please share your experience on these tools.

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