How to block a Program with Windows Firewall

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If you switch on windows firewall some programs blocked by windows automatically. But some programs will connect to the internet and keep annoying you. Example is Adobe updater. In this article am sharing how to block a program with use of windows firewall.

How to block a Program with Windows Firewall 7

You can block a program with windows firewall by creating rules in windows firewall advanced security.Block a Program with Windows Firewall

  1. Steps to block a Program with Windows Firewall
  2. Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog.
  3. Type wf.msc and Press Enter

Then go to step 4 directly

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click Windows Firewall
  3. Select “Advanced setting”
  4. Select outbound rules in left navigation menu.
  5. Select the Application and Right Click.
  6. Click New Rule for reference see the image below.
  7. Select Program and click next button.
  8. Select Program Path and browse the application that you want to block and then click next.
  9. Select Block the Connection and click next.
  10. Select Domain, Private, and Public and then click next button.
  11. Give name for your identification then click finish button.

How to disable adobe updater

You can disable adobe auto update with simple ways by change the preferences setting in adobe.

Steps to disable Adobe Auto Updater with Windows Firewall

Adobe Updater available on the path “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6”. If you want to disable this program open Adobe updater from the above mentioned path.
It will check for the updates that time after Adobe will download the updates that time click cancel button and do below steps.

  1. Select Any Stop Remaining Download and Install any completed downloads and then click ok.Block a Program with Windows Firewall
  2. Adobe updater preferences dialog box will appear then click Preferences button.Block a Program with Windows Firewall
  3. Uncheck automatically check for updates.disable adobe updater
  4. Click Ok.

How to block a Program with Windows Firewall in Windows XP

  1. Go to Control Panel and Double Click Windows Firewall to open.
  2. Select Exceptions from Windows Firewall dialog
  3. Click Add Program
  4. Select Browse and choose the program you want to Block.
  5. Program what you added will be listed under Programs and Services.
  6. UnCheck the program which you want to block.

Programs checked are allowed by windows firewall to connect internet.

There is no option to block a program in windows XP through windows firewall effectively. Use good antivirus to block programs in windows firewall.

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