Best way to speed up windows 7 startup

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Ways to increase Computer speed in Windows 7 and Window XP

Lots of people are worrying their PC is not fast while booting i.e. slow windows startup. Windows starting up slow because so many applications are opened by windows in background while booting, this is really not needed in the startup. Application opened during windows startup are your Antivirus, Audio drivers, Utility files and so on. Antivirus is important during windows startup not all the applications. This post tell the ways to speed up windows 7 startup.

To speed up windows 7, XP and so other OS we have the software’s like startup Booster and etc. To use that software’s we have to buy the key. Now we can speed up and schedule windows boot for free by using the software CCleaner.  CCleaner is one of the most important software for your windows XP and Windows 7 machines

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Method 1: Steps to increase computer boot speed:

1) Download CCleaner and Install CCleaner in your Desktop or Laptop. If you don’t need yahoo Toolbar, unselect the option during installation.
2) After the Installation, Open CCleaner and Click Option from the left menu then choose startup.
3) Startup menu contains four Tab called Windows, Internet Explorer, Scheduled Tasks and Context Menu. Those Tabs are categorizing the applications. Example windows contain all the installed Applications details which open during booting and making windows slow start up.
4) Select the Application from the Windows Tab and Click disable button; by this you can disable that particular application during windows Startup.
5) Select Internet Explorer tab and disable the application which is not needed. Likewise do for remaining two tabs too.

windows starts slow
How do you make your computer faster?

Some Unwanted programs that make windows 7 slow startup are Adobe Acrobat, Flash Player Update, Java Quick Starter, QuickTime Task / QTTask, WinAmp and So on. Instead of searching the list, you think whether this application needs during windows startup? If you fell yes then leave it example antivirus. If no then disable it.
CCleaner will give the list of applications which open during startup, from that list you can choose. By disabling the application it won’t uninstall that application from your PC so don’t worry about that. You can Enable the application which you disable it before if you feel its need while startup.
That’s it now restart your windows and check whether windows XP startup speed is increase or not?

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Method 2: Without installing application disable startup programs:

1) START -> RUN type MSCONFIG in the RUN box then click OK
2) Click on the startup TAB
3) Look at each line that has a check in the box, these are startup items. Uncheck the ones you do not want to run at startup.
4) Click OK and reboot.

Disabling startup programs using MSCONFIG is not good. It may lead into some other problem. So please don’t use that method.

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