10 Beautiful Websites for Design Inspiration

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Here is where a lot of websites actually go wrong, if you have a commercial premises business owners go all out to ensure that they make everything as beautiful as ever for their clients, floors, ceilings, walls, additional items for effect and it goes on. However, when it comes to their websites a few of these same business owners realize that simply outsourcing the website to a professional company is not going to cut it. There is a lot more that needs to go into a website for obvious reasons.

Some of the obvious reasons why your website should really be very attractive and beautiful are these. When you have a beautiful website, clients stay on it for longer, they read things that were written in every corner of the website, and when they feel good they visit again without hesitation. Who wouldn’t like to go to a very beautiful place especially if you had some work there, however when we are faced with the option of getting work done from a very beautiful place in comparison to a place which might not be so beautiful, a lot of us choose the beautiful option. When your website is not really that impressive, even a client who is looking for the services that you provide won’t spend much time on your website and that is simply human psychology.

Beautiful Websites for Design Inspiration

Here we have a list of websites who do a great job of holding their visitor attention with little attractions placed all over their website, and by providing their visitors with a very pleasant experience.

  1. Soyuz Coffee RoastingBeautiful Websites for Design Inspiration

Here is a website which is designed with a lot of attention to the finer details. On closer inspection you will find that the banner shows a man sitting with a cup of coffee in his hand, however the points that one needs to pay attention to here are these. He is bare foot, there for relaxed, he is wearing shorts more relaxation, sitting on a wooden pier, mobile in hand surfing. The overall picture makes you want to be sitting there instead of in your office with your back hurting and shoes killing you, and this is the first thing that motivates you to have a closer look at the rest of the website.

  1. Seattle Cider Co.Beautiful Websites for Design Inspiration

This is another fine example of being relaxed and cheerful. The colors of the website are light the language is friendly, and the message is simple, the pictures are great. Easy to read and understand, nothing complicated, the pictures are well taken and artistic. Not much more one could ask for in a website.

  1. Koffie Verkeed     Beautiful Websites for Design Inspiration

Here is another beautiful website that would tell you right away what the site is all about. In addition that all the information that you would look for is mentioned bang in the center of the screen in various categories. Beauty and simplicity with functionality rolled into one, this is what one would consider a website worth sticking around on and checking out more in detail.

  1. The Lifecycle AdventureThe Lifecycle Adventure

A beautiful example of what this website is all about, here you really don’t need to wrack your brain to understand what they are trying to tell you. The pictures lay it all out for you, and if you require more information, you can click on the pictures and its available, otherwise it’s a picture book. Nothing about this website is overdone, and the pictures show the place for what it is, just natural. Decorated pictures and images with a very formal approach don’t seem to cut it with the website visitor much.

  1. Tyler SomersTyler Somers

Tyler Somers for a website which is representing a website designer, this website has done a great job. The first thing that people are going to want to evaluate is the work that he has done on his own website and it is good. Professional gives you a feeling of being relaxed and also a lot of fun thrown in there. The banner of the website says “long live fun”, the fact is that all visitors are attracted to what entertains them or shows them what they are longing for.

  1. IkayzoIkayzo

Here is a simple point which is really worth noting “we build application that look great….” That is mentioned clear as day on the about us page. In addition to that notice the soothing colors, not the business combination of uptight colors that many are fond of. The animated sea at the bottom of the page literally looks like a fairytale setting. Simple, elegant, pleasing to the eye and very effective.

  1. CoinBeautiful Websites for Design Inspiration

Now here is a website that no one can argue with, it’s not for a holiday destination neither is it for a coffee shop or pub, it for financial services. But it looks appealing, and simple, and it has the words written in black on a white background “simple”. These are the small touches with the splash of color in the center of the screen that really get the visitor to spend more time, and not only that they also influence the decisions of the visitors.

  1. Ditto DCDitto DC

Lovely cover picture definitely attracts the visitors’ attention for a second or two, following this plain and simple color with certain strategic highlights, resulting in a very pleasant and very appealing website to look at.

  1. HugeHuge

Huge a beautiful website with a very bold animated banner image. Something that a lot of other websites wouldn’t dare to put up there. A lot of people are concerned with presenting their very best business face to the client strait of the bat; however that has become very passé with every one doing the same thing. Visitors are looking for different and that is what this website offers different and interesting.

  1. KnormalKnormal

When it comes to providing the perfect experience with pictures, this website has definitely nailed it; beautiful pictures which make it look like you are visiting an online art gallery. When it comes to simple and beautiful this website knows what they are doing. They are sure to have captured the attention of many a visitor with the designing of the website, and that is what matters for every website.

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