How to backup and restore installed Windows Drivers

How to Backup and Restore Drivers:

If you formatted your system or laptop for some reason, then you have to reinstall the operating system in your laptop. In that time you need the mother board CD of your system to install it. Nowadays mother board CD are not providing by the retailer or manufacturer for the laptops. In those times its big headache to search in internet or asking friend. In that situation this simple software Double driver is very useful to install.

Steps to Backup Drivers:

1)      Download this software from the Internet.

2)      One more feature of this software is no need of install the driver software, we can directly open the downloaded backup driver software “Double Driver “and we can use it.

3)      After opening the software, click “Scan Current System” button.

4)      Double Driver list down the entire installed driver in the system or the Laptop. Choose drivers you want to backup from that list.

5)      Click the Backup now button. It will ask where to save and how to save the backup files. Choose the location and save the files.

backup and restore installed Windows Drivers

Steps to Restore Drivers:

1)      Whenever you want to restore backup file, open the software.

2)      Click Restore button

3)      Click Locate Backup and choose the backup

4)      Restore completed.

Above mentioned Double Driver help us to make the backup the driver. But using the Slim Drivers and we can install the missing drivers in our systems. Please read how to install missing driver in your laptops.

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Save Driver as .EXE, .ZIP, or to folder.
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