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Android PC Suite –Android is a very powerful operating platform. It gives you complete control over your phone’s capabilities. An Android PC suite is needed to manage and sync your phone with a computer. There are many useful Android PC suite softwares out there for you to download.

Some of them are free and some are pretty expensive. It all depends on their feature lists. Some even include forensic tools. That sounds amazing right?

You can synchronize the actions and data of your phone with your Computer. A back-up can also be made. So an Android PC suite also comes handy if you want to restore your lost data. Phone to phone data synchronization is also available in some premium suites.

Best Android PC Suites

Here we have handpicked some of the best Android PC suites available right now. Have a look:

  1. MobilEdit
  2. MobileGO
  3. Mobogenie
  4. Droid Explorer
  5. MoboRobo

Not all of the Android PC suites listed above are free. To say, MobilEdit is a very high performance Android PC suite. But it’s not free. If you’re interested in using its free version then you can use its demo. There are some good Android PC suites also like Mobogenie that are available for free.

For your convenience, we are discussing in detail, Mobiledit and Mobogenie here. We have selected these two regarding there features and their price. User reviews are very positive for these. You can try others too depending upon the compatibility needs.

Mobiledit Best Android PC Suite

Features of MobilEdit Android PC suite

Mobiledit is comprehensive, elegant and powerful. No other word could describe this piece of software any better. 9 out of 10 reviewers suggest Mobiledit as the best in class Android PC Suite. If you have never used any Android PC suite before, try this. It’s a must have application designed for premium experience.Android PC Suite

Talking about its features, since Mobiledit is a universal android PC suite, it supports almost all phones of all the manufacturers and Operating systems. To check the compatibility of your phone with Mobiledit, visit .

Using Mobiledit as your PC suite is fun. Many people are fed up of the default PC suite software of your phone. They find this software very smooth to use.

How to Download Mobiledit Android PC suite

Only the demo version is free. So purchasing is optional. But it is highly advised.

Download Mobiledit lite here:!/setup_ME_STANDARD_7_7_0_4997.exe

Note: Mobiledit downloaded through the above link is a limited feature version. To make the software fully functional, you just need to purchase and enter the activation key from here:

How to install MobilEdit Android PC suite

  • Simply run the file that you download and set the destination folder.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click install.
  • Once the software is installed, you can activate it using the Activation Data key, which you have purchased from above link.
  • If you wish to try it out for free, click on activate later.
  • When asked for the update period, choose how frequent you wish to upgrade the program using the internet connection.
  • The connection wizard will now prompt you to connect a phone. You can continue and connect the phone or you can do it later.

How to use Mobiledit Android PC suite:

Android phones can be connected through a USB cable or via Wi-Fi to the PC. Before connecting the phone, visit this link and make sure you install all the required drivers to the PC.

Once the drivers are installed, the next step is to enable USB debugging on your android phone. To enable USB Debugging, Open Settings-> about phone. Then tap on the ‘Build Number’ option consecutively for 7 times. The Developer mode is activated so now you can find the Developer Option in the Setting Menu. Open it and check on USB Debugging to enable it.

  • Make sure the ‘Stay Awake’ option is enabled too.
  • Now simply install the drivers (if not done yet) and plug the phone to the PC using a USB cable
  • Don’t set the phone in Mass Storage mode.
  • The phone should now automatically get connected with Mobiledit.

You can also connect the phone to the PC using Wi-Fi. For that, download and run the android connector from here

And then you can enjoy all the services of this premium Android PC suite. MOBOGENIE is picked up as the best Free Android PC Suite

Features of Mobogenie Android PC Suite

Mobogenie is a simple and free android PC suite. It is very popular among android users. Features are not that advanced, but as an Android PC Suite, Mobogenie works fine. This Android PC suite just stands out of the crowd. We will show you the reason behind that.

You can transfer all your files from your phone and vice-versa. You can make Back-up of your phone data on the PC. The backed up data can be restored quickly. Messaging and all other phone actions can be carried out through the PC it is connected to.

Contacts can be synchronized and apps can be managed directly. You can also move any app of your phone memory to the flash memory or uninstall it if you want. That’s very useful, right?

How to Download and Install Mobogenie Android PC suite

Visit to download the latest copy of Mobogenie:

The product is free and so you do not need to register or purchase an activation key. This is the biggest merit of this software. Despite of being free of cost, it provides enough features.

Now to install it, run the file you just got and click next after your agreement to its terms. And after some more simple steps, click on Install. Mobognie now gets installed. That’s it. Now you can enjoy all the useful services of the software and manage your Android device with great ease.

There are other good PC suites too. But they are less in features and ratings from these two. Control and flow of data between devices make the above discussed softwares the best.

How to use Mobogenie Android PC suite

Anybody can easily start using this software once it is installed. The interface is simple. Just connect the devices and run the program. Operations are very basic.

->To create a back up of the phone, you just need to open the ‘Backup’ option under the ‘My Phone’ tab. Then select the data that you wish to be saved. Now select the location and click on ‘Back up’. And it’s done. As simple as that.

->To restore your back-up, Click ‘Restore’. Now select the place where your data is stored. Click on ‘Restore’ to start the process. And the action will complete in some minutes.

->To move an app from the Internal phone memory to SD card, first click on ‘apps’. This option can be found at the homepage of the application. Now select the app that you want to move. The app gets moved to the flash card in no time.

->To import/export data between the phone and PC, Select the type of the data that you wish to be moves. Now click on the Import option of that data type. Then select the file that needs to be imported. The file gets moved quickly.

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