101Best GBA Games You should Play Once in your Life

Best GBA Games – Game Boy Advance has been around since 2001 but its popularity is still going strong. By 2006, Nintendo had sold over 33 million GBAs in the United States. With that kind of longevity, the games available for the player have skyrocketed in count.

The GBA games on the market are also made for emulators and the Wii. The advance was discontinued in 2005 and the SP and Micro versions in 2007 but games are still going strong.  We are looking at the top 101 games for the GBA.

best gba games

Top 101 Best GBA Games of All Time In History

  1. The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Consistently rated in the top tier of any top game list, this version of Legend of Zelda is a must-own for anyone looking to add to their collection. With a minish cap attached to your head, the storyline leads you on an adventure to defeat the evil force taking over the kingdom.

It has intriguing action, with puzzles to solve and enemies to beat. Compared to others in the Zelda series, this might even beat out another series favorite, A Link to the Past.

  1. Super Mario Advance 4

Super Mario Advance 4

Super Mario games are all classics. This is an updated version of Super Mario Bros. 3 where Mario gets a tail to fly with along with other new abilities. The concept is similar to traditional Mario Brothers games. You adventure through, unlocking levels and more areas to increase game time.

  1. Donkey Kong Country 3

Donkey Kong Country 3 stars Dixie Kong and her cousin Kiddy in 48 levels. The two Kong cousins can interact with each other tossing each other into new levels. The villains are called Koins for the coin they hold as a shield. Each of the cousins also has their own special abilities. Daisy can use her ponytail to slow falls and Kiddy can bounce on water. The characters also have access to vehicles and animal friends in their quest.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy is a role playing game centering on characters taken to a new land. The player must navigate an empty world map which opens with each success in the attempt to get home.

Marche, the main character, can send out his group to do battle or perform dispatch missions. This is an in depth game which also has two player capability.

  1. Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure

This is a series based on the anime series Dragon Ball and is an action role playing game. It follows the adventures of Goku and the player can play up to 30 other characters as well.

Goku must fulfill different missions in order to advance until he reaches the final battle against King Piccolo. The game also has multiplayer one on one battle capabilities.

  1. Sonic Advance

Sonic Advance Coverart

Sonic Advance is a game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game features four playable characters and follows Sonic as he attempts to defeat Dr. Eggman. The characters all have different capabilities. There are six zones to get through, each with two acts. An extra game called Tiny Chao Garden is available in Sonic Advance.

  1. Astro Boy

Astro Boy follows the adventures of a powerful android. Astro Boy fights robots working for the evil President Stone with a variety of weapons. This has both single and double player capability. The game also comes with a fun option to unlock collectibles. The collectibles include outfits and power ups.

  1. Mario Golf Advance Tour

Mario golf gba

Mario Gold Advance Tour is a sports based game with the player advancing through four clubs. The player can choose from two characters, each with different special skills. The player must advance, increasing skill level along the way. At the end, the player is able to take on Mario in a final game.

  1. Fifa 07

Fifa 07 is another sports themed game created by Electronic Arts and winner of several awards. It follows in the same theme as other FIFA games but was a best seller after release. The player advances through leagues including an international one. The game includes top players which makes it a lot of fun to play.

  1. Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit

Mario Kart Super Circuit is an entertaining racing game with multiple playing modes. You can play in single mode, multi player and battle mode. There are a number of laps to complete, with the addition of coins to power up speed. You will also be able to use items like bananas to throw at other carts on the track to slow them down. This was a well received game and highly addictive.

  1. Super Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a classic in its own right. Super Donkey Kong features both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The player advances through multiple levels each with 2 scenes. Diddy and Donkey both help each other out in crushing little villains called Kremlings. It’s a really active game and there’s a reason Donkey Kong is so well loved.

  1. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Mario Vs Donkey Kong

With the same familiarity of the original arcade design, Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a more in depth game. The designers worked with the high end visuals available on GBA. There are more puzzles and more levels for the player in this game. It’s a perfect game for the GBA on the go. The player doesn’t need to complete levels but can play a puzzle and save for later.

  1. Harvest Moon: Mineral Town

Harvest Moon Mineral Town

Here is a game that at first glance, doesn’t seem like it will be a thrill or excitement. But it’s a top seller because once you begin farming, you won’t be able to stop. The task is to successfully run a farm. You will have the opportunity to harvest crops, help others in the town and breed livestock. The goal is to make money and it’s definitely one of the best GBA roms.

  1. Ultimate Card Games

The best part of a GBA is the pickup and goes aspect. This game is a fantastic addition to the library of games that can be played anytime. It’s easy to grab your GBA during down time and select from a suite of addicting games. The game is loaded with Poker, Solitaire and other classics. It also has a fabulous statistic tracking method so you can see where you are.

  1. Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion

This action gba rom follows the main character Semus in a space lab. It is filled with virus-infected creatures that can be absorbed for leveling up. It has an addition of a second character. The game has objectives that can be filled in more than one way. It’s a critically acclaimed Game Boy Advance game and well deserved.

  1. Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania is an iconic series in GBA roms. This version has a new hero who winds up being the incarnation of a reformed Dracula. The play is action based. The main character absorbs the souls of his enemies and increases power.

  1. Advance Wars

Advance Wars

This game is a strategy based GBA rom. It’s a challenging game play with lots of characters. Additionally it has an excellent multi player mode which only requires one rom. It also has user customization with its map layout. Another excellent addition to your set of best GBA roms.

  1. Tactics Ogre The Knight Of Lodis

Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis

Based on the popular Ogre Battle games, Tactics Ogre the Knight of Lodis the player is required to solve a mystery through adventures. There are multiple possible outcomes to the fight. The game also allows for two player mode with a link cable.

  1. Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red

This is one of the series of remakes of the original best Pokemon GBA games. Pokemon is one of the most successful media companies in the world and with good reason. In this version of the continuing series, you are able to connect to other Pokemon players and battle it out. Once you defeat Team Rocket, more storylines open up with further twists. Another bestselling GBA rom from Pokemon.

  1. Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

The iconic duo in this bestselling GBA rom is on another adventure with their old enemy Bowser. Princess Peach has been cursed and it’s up to the team to rescue her. You’ll solve puzzles on the quest. Mario and Luigi can also be controlled separately in role playing options.

  1. Advance Wars 2

Advance Wars 2

This title takes on the game play of Advance Wars original and just gives you more. Your enemy is the leader of the Black Hole Army. You’ll have to make allies and traverse Cosmo Land to defeat him. This version of the fan favorite GBA rom has a customizable map. It also has an option for multiplayer mode.

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

In this exciting GBA rom, kids transported to a mythical land must raise an army to return home. It’s a strategy based game with multiple jobs available. You command squads of mixed species fighters to win battles. This can also be played with a second player. It’s an exciting game with surprise twists.

  1. Donkey Kong Country


Another favorite GBA rom featuring the iconic Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The characters each have skills – strength or agility. The player can switch from one to the other in pursuit of the objective. There are animal characters to team up with as you increase levels. This GBA game is action-packed and addictive.

  1. Metroid Zero Mission

Metroid Zero Mission

In this version of the Metroid game, Samus is on an action-packed adventure. She must defeat space pirates and destroy the mother ship. The exciting GBA rom gives you the option to upgrade her armor. There are new power ups and weapons to use as well as all new maps. This is a top seller with reason.

  1. Golden Sun The Lost Age

Golden Sun The Lost Age

This is a fantasy based storyline GBA rom. The role play is exciting and filled with puzzles and challenges. The object is to join a team and release the trapped alchemy in a lighthouse. The players gain skills to control elements. It’s a second chapter that began in the Golden Age original GBA Rom.

  1. Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django

Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django

An intensely immersive game, Solar Boy Django adds to the original Boktai game. It brings in new characters and puzzles to solve. Solar Boy uses natural sunlight to charge weapons. The neat inclusion of the real sun in gaming is a unique way to focus attention creating real immersion. A top seller, this is one game you should look into for your GBA Rom collection.

  1. Pokemon Emerald Version

With a continuation of the Pokemon story, Emerald Version incorporates from its predecessors Ruby and Sapphire. In this version you begin as an aspiring trainer and work up to selecting your Pokemon. After that, the real adventure begins. Teams Aqua and Magma return to force the player into developing top skills to get through the new locations.

  1. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

The iconic duo are back again in one of the best versions of the series. This remastered edition is a better version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario and Luigi are off to stop Bowser who has turned the civilians into animals. With optional e-readers and components, players can transfer items and even levels.

  1. Pokemon Sapphire Version

gba game Pokemon Sapphire Version

Emerald keeps in with the new series of Ruby and Sapphire. The beloved Pokemon rom allows the player to face Teams Magma and Aqua. The Teams are taking over the town and the Battle Frontier is competitive. This is a stand alone game or you can connect up to four players. Like Emerald and Ruby, Sapphire is a better take on the beloved Pokemon series found in Gold & Silver.

  1. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

There are few games as favorited as the Legend of Zelda series. A Link to the Past is a fantastic addition to your GBA rom collection. Link answers the call of Zelda and after the first set of game play, he finds himself with two worlds linked together. Link must traverse both worlds through battles and puzzles to defeat the evil Ganon.

  1. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Each warrior in Deadly Alliance is armed with three fighting styles. Gameplay is intense and has the return of classic enemies as well as new ones. The graphics are top notch and it’s a definite must have in the list of best Game Boy Advance Games.

  1. Beyblade G-Revolution

You’ll travel through worlds and collect blades and parts. There are 16 characters and you will do battle in arenas. There’s even a Beyblad Editor to customize your collection of blades.

  1. Fire Emblem

In this role playing game, the player is protecting the heir to the throne of Rikea. You’ll have to battle and control soldiers, wizards and magic. There are collectible items and equipment to find to help you on your way.

  1. Metal Slug

A battle and adventure game, Metal Slug has you fighting soldiers and rescuing hostages. There are hidden mini missions in the game. The adventure takes you through 5 mega missions on different terrain as you try to stop the evil general.

  1. Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland

Kirby sets out to save the town of Dream Land. Kirby can transform into multiple shapes and use abilities to find Kind Dedele. There are platform adventures and mutli player action is available.

  1. Mega Man Zero

Mega Man Zero is a single player GBA rom. It follows Mega Man’s pal Zero in a classic adventure style game. Players take Zero through missions, confronting enemies and collecting power ups.

  1. Kirby And The Amazing Mirror

Another Kirby game, in this best selling GBA rom, Kirby has all new copying abilities. You can also use Kirby’s cell phone to call friends for help through the adventure. This is both a solo player and multi-player game.

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh The Sacred Cards

There are over 100 duelists to challenge you as you live the storyline of Yu-Gi-Oh. There are also 900 plus cards to draw from to increase the size of your collected deck. You will need to reach status of ultimate duelist by exploring the full map.

  1. Wario Land 4

This is a title in the series that took off as a spin off to Mario Land. It’s a treasure hunting epic and Wario needs the piecs to replenish health. Wario’s goal is to transform in order to face the head honcho.

  1. Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories

The heroes of this top selling GBA rom have lost their abilities. The player needs to go on a card duel while traveling through the environment. There are Disney and Final Fantasy characters that can be summoned for help in the duels.

  1. Tetris Worlds

No Game Boy Advance game collection is complete without at least one version of Tetris. Worlds beings the classic game to seven different worlds. Highly addictive, there are new challenges and a hook up for multi-player action.

  1. Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury

This is a martial arts skill game with five characters. You’ll need to fight your way up building skills as you go. Characters can be fused to fight the evil Buu.

  1. Car Battler Joe

This GBA rom is a Mad Max styled theme. You will be able to tinker in the garage on the cars, craft vehicles and accept posted jobs. You will also be able to move from town to town and engage in battle.

  1. Golden Sun

Here’s another role playing game for the GBA. Up to 4 players can join in a quest to recover an artifact. Along the way, you’ll use psychic powers, spells and gather the elements.

  1. James Bond 007: Nightfire

The iconic superhero must explore the ocean and infiltrate skyscrapers. You will also maneuver beautiful cars in super fast chases. Exotic locales take the player from Earth to space and complete missions.

  1. Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart

And adventure game that was Japan-only release translated into English. The player journeys to find the Orbs of Loto. The environment is a fantasy theme set in the world of Dragon Quest.

  1. Castlevania Circle Of The Moon

This GBA rom is a vampire hunting and haunted environment game. You must choose a route through Dracula’s castle through twisting passages. Villains to defeat include skeletons and other spooky elements.

  1. Xevius

The player needs to use a multitude of weapons including an energy blaster, missiles and more. As Samus, you’ll infiltrate a dangerous planet. The goal is to power up enough to get through aliens and space pirates on the way to Mother Brain.

  1. Digimon Battle Spirit

You’ll battle opponents leveling up as you go up in strength. You need to grab spirit balls during the fights. The goal is to successfully get through multiple areas hazards to save the world.

  1. Wario Ware Mega Microgames

Wario is a game developer and your job is to test his games. There’s a succession of mini games to get through. You will reach a tier, battle a boss and move to the next developer to fight.

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament

Yu-Gi-Oh can collect over 2,000 cards in this game. The player will make up to 80 decks. The challenge here is to duel with the full 80 card deck or limited life points, winning unlimied turns.

  1. Super Monkey Ball Jr.

The player can choose one of four monkey characters trapped in rolling balls. The monkey must cross 60 different stages by adjusting the board to roll the ball. The game also has 4 player compatability.

  1. Namco Museum

The Museum is a collection of the old-school arcade games everyone grew up with. It includes Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, DigDug, Galaxia and Pole Position. The arcade games are classic maze, racer and shooter styles.

  1. Spyro Season Of Ice

Spyro the little dragon returns to breathe fire with his friends in an adventure. Spyro must rescue Zoe and the Fairies jumping and breathing fire. The adventure is completed with mini games and collections of hundreds of items

  1. Finding Nemo

A younger player themed Game Boy Advance game but still fun. This is an action adventure game based on the movie. You unlock mini games in each level as you search for Netmo.

  1. Avatar The Last Airbender

Another show based GBA rom, Avatar lets you explore four Avatar nations. You will battle enemies with kung-fu technicques. You will play as four characters throughout the Avatar Universe.

  1. Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories

In this GBA rom, you’ll combine cards for new abilities and spells. Special cards will summon characters from the original Kingdom Hearts. There are also a vast array of Disney and Final Fantasy characters who join you in battle.

  1. Star Wars Trilogy Apprentice The Force

Star Wars fans and newbies alike will love this game. You can train to be one of several characters from the film series. You can also enjoy real content from the films as you play.

  1. Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure

Crash is off on a quest to find hidden crystals from around the world. These will return the planet to its original state using Coco’s machine. Crash travels through environments running, jumping and body slamming his way.

  1. Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3

Yoshi must unite twins separated at birth. He will face bad guys and traps set by Kamek using his unique abilities. You must find the morph bubbles for new powers and other items to unlock secrets.

  1. Pokemon Ruby

Like Emerald and Sapphire, Pokemon Ruby brings over 100 more species and more than 200 Pokemon. Players choose a trainer and the game keeps track of statistics.

  1. Super Mario Bros.

This is the classic that started it all. Still fun, no matter how many incarnations of Luigi and Mario you have seen. The duo battle against Bowser to save the Princess.

  1. Ford Racing 3

A standard race car GBA rom with 11 challenging race types.  Unlock-able modes, tracks and even vehicles come as you level up. There are also 14 championships available as you complete races in different environments.

  1. The Sims 2

An RPG game where you can control your Sims and their environment. You are the creator in the game, making up recipes, clothing, inventions and crafts like painting. The fabulously popular PC game comes to life in a hand held with Game Boy Advance

  1. Kill Switch

Rated for teens plus, this is a military shooter style game. Combat takes place in enviromnets that are used for cover or stealth. Each change in scenery requires players to adapt to the surroundings for hours of complex fun.

  1. Wild Thornberrys Movie

This entertaining game lets players pose as different Wild Thornberrys characters. The player can interact with tons of animals while exploring different continents. It’s a single player game that lets you experience actual themes from the movie.

  1. Legend Of Zelda

This is the classic that all others are based off. It’s still a retro fantastic GBA rom of Link’s first adventure. The player will explore dungeons and challenging landscapes to defeat enemies. The final test is Link’s battle to destroy Ganon to free the princess.

  1. Lego Star Wars

The adorable Lego figures take on missions in a Star Wars theme. They battle it out using light sabers and The Force. The GBA rom is a two player system

  1. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Graphics and game play take you back to the classic feel of the original Mario and Donkey Kong characters. The players use clues to solve puzzles in order to level up. You have to see the new moves Mario has in this highly popular GBA rom.

  1. Tiger Woods Pga Tour Golf

This is a pro golf simulation game where you’ll face some of the big names in the sport. Simulated versions of the best courses in the world are available. And you can even go head to head with the great one himself, Tiger Woods.

  1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Scater 4

In this sports addition to the best Game Boy Advance games, the player will role play Tony Hawk and 13 other athletes. The characters skate through levels choosing among 190 goals. You must build your skills to perform the greatest stunts of all time.

  1. Star Wars Flight Of The Falcon

Another Star Wars theme this time with the ability to fly the famous Millenium Falcon. You’ll face 14 combat style missions with some aspects of the movie. You’ll take on Imperial forces as you attempt to speed past the Empire.

  1. Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith

In this incarnation of Star Wars, you can take on the role of Anakin or Obi-Wan. You choose to use Force powers to unleash the dark side. Or struggle to save the galaxy.

  1. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

This interesting GBA rom is endorsed by Tom Clancy, the author, and follows a covert agent. As Sam Fisher, you’ll have to work with covert ops. It was Game of the Year for 2005.

  1. Final Fantasy I &Ii

In the first game, you’ll choose a team of heroes. In the second you’ll play with four orphans to undo an evil empire. In both, weapons and ability increases come from use.

  1. Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age

Players can choose to be good or bad playing for either the Fellowship or Sauron. You will visit places seen in the movies and can customize your avatar including skill increases. This GBA rom offers free roaming game play and side missions and secret characters.

  1. Pac-Man World

This is the arcade classic in a handheld with a twist. Pack-Man has landed on a 3-D Ghost Island. There are the original chomping tasks which lead to locked doors with valuable switches and Platform jumping in the new 3-D space.

  1. Drago Ball Gt

This entertaining GBA rom features Goku and Trunks. They are involved in two episodes both of which find them in captivity. Space based martial arts has never been as fun.

  1. Strike Force Hydra

In this highly rated GBA rom, you are in charge of a new military craft. Your job is to take on enemies you find on any waterway. You can take on an entire naval force in this game.

  1. Midnight Club Street Racing

A unique GBA rom in the racing genre, this game allows you access to a huge variety of vehicles. The environment simulates real life. It has multi player capacity with a link cable.

  1. Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

In this highly rated GBA rom, the evil Black Hole Army is set to invade. You’ll need to build a group of allies and work together. It has a customizable map editor to create new dangerous territory maps for battle.

  1. Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

This well liked game takes on the experience of the Terminator movies. You’ll have to become Arnold Schwarzenegger and fight against the machines. Another rom that has to be added to the Best Game Boy Advance Games.

  1. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

Young and old alike love Harry and his friends and in this GBA rom, you’ll play against Sirius Black and the Dementors. You can use spells and explore Hogwarts. There are other magical challenges in store too.

  1. Brain Games

Sometimes you just need to unwind with a quick classic game. This highly rated GBA game has 3D views of those classics like Mahjong, Backgammon, Checkers and more. It has different levels as well as characters and is also able to link for 2 players.

  1. Ultimate Card Games

Another in the genre of classic games, this GBA rom has eleven single and multiplayer card games. It also has video poker added to the mix. As if that’s not enough quiet gaming for you, it also comes with 15 different solitaire games.

  1. Ultimate Spider Man

The beloved comic book hero comes to life with free roaming environments. You’ll face adventures and missions. You can also select to side against Spider Man as his arch enemy Venom.

  1. The Legend Of Spyro: A New Beginning

Spyro gets to head off on a quest to discover his roots. The player can upgrade the fire breath and perform fury attacks. Spyro battles in groung to air melees with tons of villains, enemies and bosses.

  1. Jurrasic Park Iii: The Dna Factor

This GBA rom simulates the prehistoric world of the movie. It’s a mix of stages and puzzles. The game provides more than 10 dinosaur species and you’ll need to face 12 levels to continue exploring.

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh Reshef Of Destruction

Yu-Gi-Oh faces an entirely new storyline. There are 800 cards available to build your deck and duel including all 3 Egyptian god cards. This is an RGP strategy game where Yugi must become Yami Yugi to defeat Reshef.

  1. Backyard Hockey

There are the full 30 NHL teams available as a player on or against the teams. There are six choices of rinks to play on and you can also choose modes from fast to seasonal. The game tracks player and team stats as well.

  1. Tarzan Return To The Jungle

Tarzan Return to the Jungle is a great alternative role playing game. You’ll follow Tarzan from childhood to adult. You’ll use the environment to help face enemies and defeat them.

  1. Pokemon Silver

You’ll follow a young Trainer as he sets off to collect as many Pokemons as he can. You’ll explore and complete quests and do battle. Silver is different from Pokemon Gold as time plays a factor in the game play elements, some of which only appear at certain times.

  1. Pokemon Gold

Like Silver, Pokemon Gold relies on actual date and time for gameplay. It brings 100 more Pokemon types to the game. You will also face new evolutions and characters.

  1. Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

You’ll start with Harry as he did originally: heading to Hogwarts for his first year. You have the opportunity to explore the grounds, gather things to use in potions and spells and face challenges. There are also puzzles to solve with your friends and a host of characters from the movie.

  1. Dragonball Advanced Adventures

Goku’s adventures come to life in story mode, arena fighting and shooter action. There are combat sequences to get through and unlockable areas. The game has the option of multi player gaming.

  1. Pokemon Leafgreen

The 100+ Pokemons available to discover in this game are compatable with Ruby, Sapphire and Colosseum. All Pokemons are different shapes and sizes and the gamers can text with up to 40 other player trainers. Team Rocket is the enemy to beat in the Kanto set GBA rom.

  1. Donkey Kong Country 2

Like DK country and DK Country 3, this is a fun addition to your best GBA roms. You’ll play as either Diddy or Dixie Kong and beat the clock in races either solo or with friends. Diddy has a cartwheel attack ability and Dixie has the helicopter spin.

  1. Need For Speed

Made by Electronic Arts for the GBA, you will take over the streets in an open world. You’ll have to use the environment, traffic and short cuts to your advantage to win. The fun racing gameplay can accommodate 4 player mode for competition against friends.

  1. Monster Bass Fishing

Competition or relaxing mode, you’ll need to compete on five lakes to reel in 9 fish types. Your top six catches can be stored in an aquarium. Views can fluctuate from behind the fisherman or under the water, making this a fun and serene addition to the top Game Boy Advance games list.

  1. Sportsman’s Pack

For more wildlife sport enthusiasts, the Sportsman’s Pack provides both hunting and fishing. Rapala Pro Fishing features great rod control and a realistic environment and fish. Cabela’s Big Game Hunter offers realistic weather and seasons while you hunt and tag big game.

  1. Ms Pac-Man: Maze Madness

The iconic yellow dot comes with a bow and exciting 2D arcade action. The game features 100 different mazes and new enemies. With a Game Link cable, it offers four player action with new games.


We are listed 101 best GBA games list. I wish you could selected some of this interesting games to buy and play. You can buy these games from Amazon or any other online resources to play.

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